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Volunteer work

In Segarcea are 3 kindergartens , a primary school and a high school – Grup Scolar Horia Vintila .
As a hint for what the volunteers will be doing ,the sport activities are pretty appreciated here : the high school is preparing team for basketball , volleyball , handball and football .The city has his own football team – Progresul Segarcea – that activates in the 4th league.
They will be also able to get involved in the activities implemented by the Children Club here ,very well equipped   and with internet access ,that constantly organizes local and regional competitions on art ( painting ,photography ,origami ,handcrafting ) or sports.
In Segarcea is living a rather large Roma population ,so there are efforts to by done for their integration . The school are loging for new activities and project and an international volunteer programme is new to them.

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