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Volunteer work

The high school here ,Grup Scolar Alexandru Macedonski ( since 1960 ) ,is the most important educational institution in the area .The building has been completely renovated for his 50th anniversary .
Regarding the educational process ,the school does not have the most impressive portfolio of extracurricular activities .There is no active NGO in the community so the volunteers could work on :

  • Developing a program of extracurricular activities on subjects that concern the youngsters the most: environment; sports; art&culture; health education,etc
  • Language classes – to improve the level of English of the children from the community
  • Intercultural activities like organizing intercultural evenings
  • Organizing social campaigns to help the disadvantaged children and to give more visibility to the schools outside it’s area
To organize campaigns to inform on the opportunities that the European programs bring to the  youngsters in terms of education

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