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Volunteer work

The local objectives for the community development ,as established by the main actors in Giurgita ( City Hall and the five educational institutions : 2 schools and 3 kindergartens ) are:
·  to upgrade life standards
·  to preserve local traditions and to ensure the access to a highly advanced educational system  
·  to encourage local & youth participation to the decision-making process in the community life and to empower local actors
·  to better organize the local social assistance programmes
·  to educate people towards ecology and selective recycling 

All of this directions are suitable for volunteer work and they give a hole range of activities to be done in Giurgita.

Also, is important to mention that the local municipality is planning to offer two new youth facilities in the area : a sports club and a youth center.

The local NGO – Rudezis is quite active, familiarized with international projects and willing to work with volunteers.

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