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Volunteer work

The educational services are insured by the school and the House of Culture. Besides what the school offers and the House of Culture there are no other options of learning or doing something different than the classic educational curricula. The volunteers will work mainly in schools.
The volunteers could work on:

  • to help the teachers to find a solution or strategy for the youngsters who graduate high school and remain in the community and have to little opportunities of development
  • to organize fundraising campaigns for the children with fewer opportunities and to provide more visibility to the schools
  • to develop a program of extracurricular activities for children
  • to stimulating partnerships between local social actors and even international partnerships
  • to work on changing the attitude of youngsters towards education - because of the economic problems more acute in this area the youngsters often perceive education as useless and they would rather get a job than completing their studies
  • to offering to the youngsters knowledge about their rights and opportunities of development through European programmes

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