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Volunteer work

The schools here are very active social actors ,involved in the community life and really understanding and appreciating the value both of the formal and non-formal ways of dealing with youngsters.
The high schools in particular are well equipped with large and useful libraries , gym rooms , football , basketball and tennis courts and documentation centers with permanent internet access.
The volunteers will have all the necessary conditions to implement their activities here ,given both the material facilities and benefiting also from the tranquility of a small and traditional Romanian community.
As suggestion to their activities ,we can mention :

  • Developing a program of extracurricular activities on subjects that concern the youngsters the most: environment; sports; art&culture; health education,etc
  • Language classes – to improve the level of English of the children from the community
  • Intercultural activities like organizing intercultural evenings
  • Organizing social campaigns to help the disadvantaged children and to give more visibility to the schools outside it’s area
To organize campaigns to inform on the opportunities that the European programs bring to the  youngsters in terms of education

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