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Baia de Fier

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Volunteer work

Baia de Fier is a very important community for ARDR. In Baia de Fier, the volunteers will have to develop community activities and projects based on the local needs. They will need to organize different competitions with the pupils: environment, etc. Organize groups of painting, photography, use of computer or other practical abilities.

The volunteers will have the chance to use their skills as animtators gained during the Capacity Building Program.

Throughout the year are a lot of holidays (Christmas, Easter, Woman's Day, Mother's Day, Europe's Day, etc) for which the volunteers can help organize and even improve with their own ideas for the festivities organized in those specific days.

Language skills: the volunteers will have the chance to teach english in their own methods to the young pupils and also their own languages if the pupils will be interested.

Another great way to spend time with the youth is by organizing field trips. Gorj County alone has a lot to offer as a tourist and field trips are a great way to teach the youth of different aspect of life and european values.

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